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Not Just attractive web pages, we Design experiences hence Developing your business.
A website must create an irresistible first impression; attract and engage users; communicate your brand, raise awareness and convey your message loud & clear.

Xtensive Solutions provides professional website design and development services. Our talented web designers and web developers constantly work across different frameworks, platforms and tools to come up with best solutions for website projects of any complexity. We strive to create websites which will visually appeal to your target audience and reflect your brand identity. We provide complete front-end and back-end website development based on the latest technologies and industry trends which ensures that your website offers its users the same great experience whether they’re on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone. 





Custom website design is the process of creating a unique web page to suit an individual, topic or brand’s certain requirements. It’s everything from layout to user experience. Custom web design involves starting from scratch without templates or any pre-packaged graphics. It uses fine art and graphics for a superior, eye-catching design that engages the user. A series of mock ups are created and revised appropriately until the final version is reached. From here, the web development process begins.

Your business is a unique entity with its own unique brand strategy, business goals and principles. As such it is paramount that you have a unique, custom web design that accurately reflects the philosophy and nature of your business. This will ensure that your clients – current and new, are given an appropriate impression of who you are as a business and will be more likely to invest in your goods or services.

At Xtensive Solutions, we create an effective web design that distinguishes your brand from the crowd and helps you to get ahead of the competition. Our designs give you complete control over your developed website with ease of use, responsive design, highly effective SEO, conversion tracking and full customization of content and visuals among other things.

A CMS not only defines the architecture (navigation, appearance) and content (information-article, video, images, social media sharing, design elements) of your website but it provides you all the tools for populating the website. In order to have real business growth, you must ensure that your CMS is serving the needs of your target audience.

We are experts in Open Source CMS platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal as well as custom CMS development using PHP, CakePHP. We work with you and help you identify the right CMS for your business, by analyzing the unique business requirements. We offer a spectrum of content management system solutions not just to enables you to manage your websites but also the mobile apps, social media sites, portals and digital campaigning assets through secure admin panel.

  1. Highly flexible design with full control over customization
  2. Designed to match your workflow
  3. Workflow Management and Audit Trail
  4. Simplified code
  5. Better security
  6. Authorized access control
  7. Content collaboration & aggregation
  8. Document and file management
  9. Rich media management
  10. Scalability for future upgrades

An e-Commerce website needs much more functionality than a normal website, such as the ability for users to create accounts, create a wishlist and of course buy online. You may also be looking for more advanced features, such as multiple delivery options, trade and consumer pricing or the ability to customize products.

Xtensive Solutions provides professional e-Commerce website development services to deliver scalable solutions for B2B and B2C.

We design and build e-Commerce websites that look fantastic, are easy to update & secure, offer unmatched performance and provide you with all the tools you need to manage products, pricing, customers, invoicing and much more.

Our focus is to generate the best return on investment for our clients by delivering the exceptional e-Commerce solutions to our clients, regardless of their business size and niche.

Our e-Commerce designs enable you to customize the layout of everything, starting from a small storefront to a complete website, and thus, extend your business boundaries to create an incredible shopping experience for your customers.

We are One-Stop Shop for e-Commerce Website Development offering:

  • Custom e-Commerce website development
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • One Page Checkout Integration
  • Magento e-Commerce Store Development
  • Shopify e-Commerce Store Development
  • Woo-Commerce Store Development
  • OpenCart Store Development

We offer features you need for your online store’s success

  • High-quality Solutions at affordable rates
  • User-friendly and highly compatible store
  • Seamless API and code integration
  • SEO optimized e-Commerce solutions
  • Allows the buyer to compare products and review
  • Full-cycle support right from strategy, development to support
  • Help you achieve the maximum ROI
  • Integration of Various payment gateways and shipping
  • Multiple Payment Options including PayPal, Google Checkout, Debit Card, Credit Card etc.
  • Multi vendor support
  • Highly Secure and scalable
  • On-time project delivery and Fast turnaround time
  • Mobile commerce included
  • Inventory Management
  • Wish / Favorites list, Filter / Search Functions
  • Flexible product configuration, product Categories & customization
  • Advanced administration control panel
  • SSL / HTTPS Secure payments
  • Shopping Cart Integration
  • Robust and secure online transactions.
  • Order Tracking System.
  • Multi-currency, real time transactions though debit and credit cards
  • Online consumer authentication
  • Automatic recurring billing option

Xtensive Solutions offers complete WordPress website design and development services that includes branding, simplicity, flexibility, user and media management, search engine optimization, multilingual and a focus on user experience and visitor conversions.

Data: BuiltWith.com, W3tech.com, SimilarTech, Google Trends.

WordPress is one of the most preferred platforms when it comes to the development of highly responsive and scalable websites. Due to its result-oriented features, easy integration, ease of set-up, installation, use and maintenance, it has become a favorite development platform.

WordPress is perfect for Business Websites. It’s Open Source with room for expansion and is highly customizable, once only available in expensive enterprise. There is a reason why it has become so popular and taken over the market share, because it meets the demand of many users with its flexible framework to allow designers and developers to create and modify layouts and applications without the need of a huge budget.

If you want someone experienced to setup your WordPress site, then our talented team is happy to help you get started. Our team has extensive WordPress experience and we have custom developed many plugins and themes in order to meet unique demand of our clients.

Get Started On The World’s Most Popular Platform Today !

Xtensive Solutions has developed all kinds of websites ranging from small blogs to large complex WordPress websites. We fully understand that each client has specific requirements therefore we offer custom and tailor-made WordPress solutions as per your business needs. We always deliver high-converting website with easy navigation, seamless user interface, scalability and responsive design to help our clients surge ahead of their competition.

Xtensive Solutions prides itself in providing professional, scalable and interactive WordPress Solutions. As we have accumulated a wide knowledge and experience in WordPress development, we confidently offer you incredible solutions that seamlessly cater to your unique requirements.

Our WordPress Services

  • Custom WordPress Website Design
  • Custom WordPress Development
  • PSD to WordPress
  • WordPress Integration & Setup
  • WordPress Theme & Plugin Development
  • WordPress SEO
  • WordPress Maintenance & Support

Features Of Our WordPress Services

  • Fully responsive with Mobile First Approach custom designs
  • 100% customizable
  • Standards Compliant and W3C Validated
  • Best for e-Commerce Stores
  • Better usability & user experience
  • SEO friendly for better value and better ROI
  • Helps you maintain your investment with professional support from idea to delivery and beyond.

In this digital era, a website not only serves as the digital identity of your business or brand, but it also acts as the digital storefront for your business. You should consider it as a trump card for your business that is working 24×7, bringing potential buyers to your doorstep and generating a lot of revenue without costing much. Hence, it makes sense that creating an effective website should require a strategic vision to not only convey your message to your users but also to generate fast ROI.

Now imagine the ramifications if your website doesn’t look visually appealing, or loads slowly or do not have a mobile responsive version; you will be losing customers. It is a clear indication that you need to re-design your website. 

When Xtensive Solutions redesign your website, our primary goal is to improve your bottom line. Your new site will get you more traffic, drive more leads, and ultimately increase your revenue.

Answers to these questions will confirm if your website needs a re-design.

  • Is the website getting visitors as you expect?
  • Is it easy for your users to find information on the website?
  • Do your competitors have more functional and modern website?
  • Is content on the site delivering right message?
  • Does the web site adequately represent your business?
  • Do your visitors feel secure while browsing the site and consider it trustworthy?
  • Is it easy for you to update your site as and when required?
  • Are you able to track & analyze visitors coming to your website?
  • Is it easy for users coming to your site to contact you?

During a redesign all these aspects are looked into and fixed so that your site can work as required, attract new users as well as retain existing users and effectively represent your brand.

More often than not, businesses make the mistake of assuming that the job is done once their website is up and running. In reality, websites – particularly those that make use of a CMS – need careful monitoring to ensure their continued success and longevity. Your website is a constant portal between visitors and your company. The condition and relevancy of your website is a direct reflection of the reputation and relevancy of your business. This is why website maintenance is so important.

With the rapid advancements in technology and platform versions there is a rise in the number of website bugs and updates; therefore, regular web maintenance has become indispensable. Similar to maintaining a car, websites need regular checkups to ensure that everything is in working order and functioning in a safe and efficient manner.

For most companies it is not fiscally smart to hire or dedicate one person inside the organization to manage its website maintenance. The expertise and time needed from one person to effectively manage a website is daunting, stressful and prone to mistakes. This is why it is common to outsource the maintenance of business websites.

Many companies offer pre-made maintenance service plans. Respectfully, our approach is different, we don’t believe on one size fit all philosophy. We evaluate your website and your maintenance requirements and offer you customized plans to meet your needs and fit your budget.

A comprehensive list of maintenance options are listed below. We work with you to create a customized service proposal that exactly matches your requirements.

Let us help you maintain and grow your online presence.


  • Annual hosting
  • Domain name registration
  • CMS updates
  • Plugin & themes updates


  • Monthly and/or weekly site backups
  • Monthly and/or weekly database backups
  • Monthly and/or weekly content backups

Security & Health Checks

  • SSL certificate management
  • Security scans
  • 24/7 monitoring of downtime and security threats
  • Internal link analysis
  • Loading speed optimization
  • Enhanced e-commerce security
  • Resolving website errors like broken links, browser-related issues, coding & compatibility issues

Content Management

  • Addition & deletion of pages
  • Updates to calendar or events
  • Add breaking news or features announcements
  • Addition of documents such as PowerPoint presentations, manuals, etc.
  • Addition & deletion of graphics, visuals, media etc.
  • Online fill-able PDF files
  • Formatting of advanced content like tables and charts
  • Graphics design tasks like cropping and sizing photos, adding new galleries
  • Site facelifts and makeovers
  • Homepage refresh and banner updates
  • Put YouTube videos on your site
  • Add social media buttons or widgets
  • Creating & updating Blog Posts
  • Shopping cart management
  • Product changes and additions
  • Updating price changes
  • Creating promotions, sales and coupons

Digital Marketing

  • Quarterly and/or monthly SEO audit
  • Technical SEO maintenance
  • Sitemap.xml updates
  • Online newsletters, e-mail campaigns
  • Addition of new polls, questionnaires
  • Meta Tag Optimization
  • Text re-writes and improvements
  • Addition lead generation elements such as online forms, order forms, registration forms


  • Quarterly Site Review
  • Quarterly and/or monthly reporting
  • E-mail & telephone support, Monday – Friday
  • After hour and 24/7/365 support option available
  • Consultation option available to assist you in reaching your business goals, refining your user's experience, planning product launches or campaigns and much more.

Xtensive Solutions provides complete website maintenance service – both proactive and reactive. Our cost effective website maintenance service looks after all elements of your website so that you can focus on your core business without worrying about your website being outdated, falling behind to your competitors or being low on Google ranking.

UI/UX Design


Enterprise Portal

Landing Page Design

Blog Design

Community Forum

We have the expertise to convert your dream into reality.

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  • Does your website convey wrong message to your users?
  • Do you need to start your e-commerce store?
  • Do you want to outsource your website maintenance to focus on your core business?

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