Software Development

We developHighly Functionalcustomized software to meet your needs !

Not Just functional software, we Develop solutions that Transform your business processes.
Custom developed software must integrate smoothly with your existing back-end systems in order to simplify & improve your business processes and better return on investment.

Xtensive Solutions provide quality assured software development, offering customized web based software such as Hotel management system, School/college management system, Hospital/Clinic management system, inventory/stock management software, ERP Software, CRM Software etc. We focus on exceedingly qualitative, well-times and cost-effective custom software solutions. With a rich and diverse experience in providing tailor-made software development services along with our project management competences, we ensure to deliver solutions that provide client’s business an edge above their competitors. 

Why Custom Software?

Customized Software oriented operations are trending in almost every industry. These type of applications are designed to accommodate the operational needs of the complete system without altering them. Customized software serves not only as a tool that minimizes human error, increases overall productivity and eases cumbersome and tiresome processes but also helps in the preservation of data for long term. Customized reporting is also an essential aspect of this kind of customized software development.

Custom software serves the unique processes of your business, solves your specific problems, satisfies your exclusive needs and makes your work-flows easier, faster, and more efficient. Moreover, you get:

  • Increased flexibility
  • Minimized information security risks
  • Tailored support & maintenance

Planning and creating made-to-order applications is hard but fun, and we can surely make one that will make your business processes faster, more efficient and overall, it will be original. We develop innovative software solutions that help our clients address industry challenges and transform their business models to satisfy their respective requirements and marketplaces.

Dedicated development directly affects sales, service cost, productive use, and almost every other aspect of doing business in this digital era. Xtensive Solutions is your dedicated partner in development that maximize end-user satisfaction and increase profitability.

Qualities Of Our Software Development

  • CorrectnessThe degree with which software adheres to its specified requirements (functional or non-functional)
  • UsabilityThe ease with which software can be used by end-users in a way that was expected.
  • ReusabilityThe ease with which software can be reused in developing other software.
  • MaintainabilityThe ease with which changes can be made to satisfy new requirements or to correct deficiencies.
  • PortabilityThe ease with which software can be used on computer configurations other than its current one.
  • EfficiencyThe degree with which software fulfills its purpose (as outlined by the client) without waste of resources.
  • IntegrabilityThe ease with which software can integrate multiple processes and other back-end applications/systems.
  • ReliabilityThe frequency and criticality of software failure, where failure is an unacceptable effect or behavior occurring under permissible operating conditions.

We have the expertise to convert your dream into reality.

  • Do you need smarter, more intelligent and more productive application?
  • Are you looking for custom made software to suit your business needs no matter how complicated?
  • Do you need to transform your business processes using software?
  • Do you want to outsource your software development to focus on your core business?

If you can think it, we can make it.